“Mobile App Challenge 2018” is a software competition organized by SLIIT Computing (Pvt.) Ltd. This year’s competition is based on “Mobility” and it focuses on the way that Information Technology is used in the contexts of sharing knowledge, providing a platform for peer learning, improving skill levels of the students, promoting open access and the like.


  • To inspire students to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  • To encourage creative problem-solving approaches.
  • To engage students in collaborative leaning.


Internal students who are studying in Jayewardenepura Zone government or private schools from grade 9 onwards are eligible to apply for the competition. Those who have completed G.C.E. (A/L) are also allowed to compete under this category.

Team Guidelines and Requirements

  1. Each team should consist of maximum 5 members.
  2. One team from one school.
  3. The App should be your own work.
  4. Applications should be designed only using the tools introduced in the workshop.
  5. The selection is based on the evaluation criteria.
  6. The decision of the judges will be final.

Evaluation Process

The competition is open to school students in the Jayewardenepura Zone and organized in two rounds as follows;

a) Preliminary rounds (February-March)

In the preliminary rounds registered groups are invited for a one-day session where they get hands-on with software tools, project management techniques and guidelines to improve their soft skills. In the preliminary rounds groups will be short listed based on an oral presentation and demonstration on the idea and the initial design. The short-listed groups will progress to the App contest.


b) Mobile App contest (April-May)

The selected groups will present their final solution to judges and out of the best projects, the best three projects will be selected based on an oral presentation and demonstration.

Selection Criteria

  • Importance
  • Functionality
  • Originality
  • Innovativeness
  • Presentation
  • Group work


Out of the 8 short-listed projects, the best 3 teams will receive cash prizes and certificates. Outgoing teams will receive certificate of participation.

Category Amount (Rs.)
1st Prize 50,000/=
2nd Prize 30,000/=
3rd Prize 20,000/=


Week Task Date/Period
Week 1 Team Registration Closing date 22st February 2018
Week 2,3 First Round Workshops and Groups submit their proposals with initial design 26th February 2018 – 07th March 2018

Closing date 16th March 2018

Week 5 Notification of shortlisted teams 23th March 2018
Week 9 Final Round (Mobile App contest) 4th May 2018


The duly filled registration forms should be scanned and forwarded to the following email address. Download


Yasas Jayaweera, Coordinator – Mobile App Challenge 2018

Email – yasas.j@sliit.lk
Phone – +94 117 543600 Ext. 3610

Proposal Submission

You are required to submit your proposal on or before 16th March 2018 to be eligible for the Mobile App contest.

Documents to be submitted on or before 16th March 2018

  1. Presentation slides (Email: yasas.j@sliit.lk)
  2. Proposal (Download)
  3. Wireframe (Email: yasas.j@sliit.lk)