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Our task is to attract brilliant minds, advance the frontiers of knowledge, stimulate innovation and creativity and educate future leaders in all areas of education and industry

As recognized by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act, The Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology was established in 1999 to educate and train IT professionals.

In the past decade, SLIIT Computing together with the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) has become one of Sri Lanka’s leading private institutions of eminence dedicated to serving the nation and beyond.


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SLIIT COMPUTING JAN INTAKE – 2018 Enroll now for a UGC Recognized degree in, Bs.c (Hons) Computer Science & Software Engineering. Bs.c (Hons) Computer Networking. Bs.c (Hons) Business Administration. Bs.c (Hons) Human Resource Management. BEng (Hons) Electronic & Electrical Engineering.

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SLIITC & CAHM “Yes I can” workshop 2017

A workshop on “Yes I Can” motivational workshop organised jointly by SLIIT Computing and CAHM was held at SLIIT auditorium from 08.30 a.m-1.30 pm. 1,700+ students participated representing schools from Jayawardene Zone , the aim of the session was to motivate Year 12 school students to face A/L exam confidently ,Further students were educated about […]

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